Anteater Pledge Ambassador Program


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The purpose of the Anteater Pledge Ambassador program is to educate the campus community about reducing the spread of COVID-19 through evidence-based health promotion and disease prevention behaviors.

Ambassadors will train their peers on how to reduce the spread of COVID-19, will post on social media, and will be responsible for providing or locating facial coverings and hand sanitizers if they encounter individuals who appear to need these supplies while on campus. Although their job will be to educate the campus community about COVID-19-related policies and serve as an active bystander, they will NOT be an “enforcer” and will have no responsibility to “turn in” or “write up” individuals who are not complying with campus policies. Their role is to educate only.  

Please familiarize yourself with our campus COVID-19 efforts:


This is a year-long commitment that will begin in mid-September, with virtual training sessions. We expect you to attend each of these sessions. Sessions will likely be recorded and available if attendance is impossible, due to work commitments or other summer commitments. 

There will also be periodic meetings throughout the academic year to check in, review postings, get needed supplies, and evaluate our success. 

Although our hopes are that the numbers of COVID-19 positive individuals in Orange County and across America will wane over time, we understand that there may still be work to do, even after cases have dramatically subsided. Giving accurate information about a vaccine, for example, might still be part of an Ambassador’s ongoing duties. 

During the academic year, Ambassadors may be engaged in any of the following activities: tabling on campus, disseminating supplies to individuals who do not have facial coverings or hand sanitizers, letting people know where they can get facial coverings/hand sanitizer, posting health tips on social media or over email, or providing COVID-19-related virtual trainings for those in your social network. 

Although many Ambassadors will be spending at least some time on campus, we know that your plans may change and that some effective work can still be done remotely. 

Each Ambassador must engage in and document at least 3 activities per week. Sample social media posts will be delivered to you. Any post, training, or activity that you create that demeans any individual or group of individuals will immediately result in your removal from the program. 


  • Learn the facts about COVID-19, its transmission, and its prevention
  • Gain hands-on experience in health promotion
  • Contribute to the campus community 
  • Learn to be an effective leader and serve as a resource to your peers
  • Build relationships with students and with professional staff


Thank you for your interest in applying to be an Anteater Pledge Ambassador!

Applications are due by Thursday, August 20 at 5pm. Decisions will be made by early September and training will occur remotely in mid-September (tentatively the week of the 14th). 

Fill out the application here: