Cluster History

Old Cluster Logo

Prior to fall 2011, the cluster was known as Counseling and Health Services. Dr. Thomas Parham served as Assistant Vice Chancellor from the cluster’s consolidation as a separate entity in 1996, until 2011. He also simultaneously served as director of the Counseling Center until 2007. Dr. Marcelle Hayashida was appointed AVC in 2012.

In 2006, Campus Assault Resources & Education joined with the Career Center, CSWHP, Counseling Center, and Student Health. Campus Recreation and Disability Services were welcomed into the WH&CS family in 2011, and Child Care Services became part of the cluster in 2015.

Dr. Parham's Vision

The units of the Wellness, Health & Counseling cluster acknowledge that success in health and wellness develops both from within, as well as from the support of the community around us and the building blocks of those who have come before us. In this vein, our cluster continues to develop the mission and goals of Thomas Parham, who now serves as UC Irvine's Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

As Assistant Vice Chancellor, Dr. Parham Building Blocks to Wellness Graphicaimed to challenge sensibilities about the nature of health, and saw the need to expand definitions beyond the physical realm. He believes that restricting our focus to physical health alone and ignoring emotional, social and even spiritual dimensions of health is a posture we all must rethink.

Each unit in the cluster understands that true wellness is a holistic construct that demands more comprehensive approaches. Ideally, wellness in an academic environment provides the following opportunities: feeding of the soul with what endures, creativity, self-discovery, challenge, civility and respect, and promoting personal development and transformation.

At UCI we strive to create an academic ambiance that reflects the six “building blocks to wellness.” Through instructional and co-curricular experiences, students learn to master the six building blocks to a healthy academic experience, and a brighter future ripe with possibilities.

Wellness Symposium
Wellness, Health & Counseling Services hosts an annual "Wellness Symposium" speaker series, inviting professionals from a range of careers to highlight topics concerning mental health, physical wellness, and human spirit and aspiration.

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