Summary of Services

The Office of Campus Social Work supports UCI students during situations and crises that may be impacting their personal and academic well-being, through short-term resource referral and long-term case management. Campus Social Workers do not provide therapy or clinical services. Services are available to the entire UCI community at no cost.

When appropriate, the OCSW acts as a coordination point to promote collaboration among academic departments, administrative offices and outside organizations to facilitate students’ goal attainment.

By Appointment Only

Due to the Campus Social Workers having staggered schedules/limited availability, occupying multiple locations on campus, and working with specialized populations, the office cannot accept drop-ins. Students need to make an appointment for meetings. For more information on our privacy policy and contact information, visit our How to Connect page.


Consultation services are available to the entire UCI community. No identifying information about a student is needed for a consultation. The Office of Campus Social Work can help determine the scope and level of services needed.

Examples may include inquiring about assistance for a student in need of food or shelter, transportation resources, outside counseling services referrals, information on alternative medical insurance options, or support with needs due to a death in the family.

Case Management

The Office of Campus Social Work can provide case management to high-risk students with several psychosocial stressors impacting their university performance or experience.

We provide ongoing support and follow-up for students such as those diagnosed with psychiatric disorders who have been hospitalized, those recently discharged from a health facility and re-entering university life, those affected by a medical condition with coordination needs for multiple services and resources, and those impacted by various psychosocial stressors in academic jeopardy.

Respondent Services

The Respondent Services Campus Social Worker provides services for UCI community members accused of sexual violence, sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence or stalking. For more information, visit our Respondent Services overview page.

Online List of Local Resources

The Office of Campus Social Work maintains the Campus Assist List, an online list of campus and community resources for low-cost community services, including basic needs, medical, and local mental health and counseling providers.

Coordination Upon Student Death

In the unfortunate event of the death of a UCI student, the Office of Campus Social Work is the designated office responsible for ensuring coordination, communication and management of information. The OCSW will work with the deceased student's family or next of kin to broker necessary supportive services and expedite administrative affairs.

Housing Navigation Resources

If you’re a UCI student looking for housing near campus, we recommend that you visit the Basic Needs Center's Housing Resources page to aid in your search. The Office of Campus Social Work does not conduct local housing searches for students and cannot grant any housing placements or adjust any housing waitlists.
Campus Social Workers may be able to assist referred students who are housing insecure and facing multiple psychosocial stressors. Housing insecurity is an umbrella term that encompasses several dimensions of housing problems people may experience, including affordability, safety, quality, and loss of housing due to financial challenges.