Consultation Team

Background & Purpose

The UCI Consultation Team was first established over two decades ago in response to a potential threat of violence. The gathering of representatives from across the campus proved useful in discussing the complex issues involved and a plan for intervention.

The Team functions as the campus' Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) or threat assessment team. The Consultation Team brings together campus partners to review, discuss and manage a broad array of issues of concern to campus safety or well-being, involving students, faculty, staff and community members.

Core Members

Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for
Wellness, Health & Counseling Services
Marcelle Hayashida, Ph.D. Associate Vice Chancellor
Office of Campus Social Work Brenda Lapinid, LCSW Director
UCI Police Department Matt Mahoney Police Lieutenant
Campus Counsel Andrea Eaton, J.D. Chief Campus Counsel
Student Life & Leadership Rameen Talesh, Ed.D. Dean of Students / Associate Vice Chancellor
Office of Academic Integrity & Student Conduct Kim Burdett, Ph.D.Director
Counseling Center Frances Diaz, Psy.D. Director

Activated Members

Campus representatives across the campus are invited to join the Team as needed. Examples of partners that may be brought in to consult are academic deans, department or unit managers, and representatives from Student Housing, CARE, the Student Health Center, the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity, Academic Personnel and Human Resources.

Core Group of units on the Consultation Team.

Examples of How an Issue May Be Brought to the Team

  • The Team is made aware of a student who has recurrently been hospitalized under an involuntarily psychiatric hold due to concerns for their safety
  • A campus department may contact a core member with concerns about a community member acting in an erratic manner and sending aggressive, hostile messages

Flow diagram for both critical and non critical circumstances.

Should You Contact the Team?

If there is no imminent threat or you have already contacted the police, referral to the Consultation Team would be warranted when an issue is acute or includes multiple concerns requiring a coordinated response from multiple campus departments. The Consultation Team can assist in coordinating the appropriate departments to take a proactive stance to prevent or manage the issue.

If you would like to consult as to whether your concerns should be brought to the Team, please contact a core member to discuss. Even if we are not the right place for your concern, we are happy to help direct you to other appropriate campus resources as needed.

Privacy Notice: The Consultation Team works to keep matters as confidential as possible, contacting and sharing with offices on a need-to-know basis while operating under FERPA guidelines.



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