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Overview of UCI Social Services


Consultation services are available to the entire UCI community. No identifying information about a student is needed for a consultation. The CSW helps determine the scope and level of services needed, which can include emergency housing, transportation information, community medical clinics, mental health services, or general information about a community or campus service. Examples include help for a student who:

  • is in need of food or shelter
  • is in need of transportation resources
  • needs referrals to counseling services outside of UCI
  • needs general information on alternative options for medical insurance
  • has had a death in family and needs assistance with funeral costs


The CSW manages cases for high-risk students who have several psychosocial stressors, which are impacting their performance or experience at UCI. Faculty or staff who believe a student would benefit from case management services, should obtain consent from the student prior to requesting the CSW's assistance. We provide ongoing support and follow-up for a student who:

  • has been diagnosed with psychiatric disorder and needed hospitalization
  • has recently been discharged from a health facility and is re-entering university life
  • is affected by a medical condition and needs coordination or multiple services and resources
  • is impacted by various psychosocial stressors and is in academic jeopardy



When the death of a UCI student occurs, it is incumbent upon the University to act quickly in a caring, professional manner to assist the family and survivors in brokering any supportive services. The Campus Social Worker is the designated person responsible for ensuring coordination, communication and management of notifications that may be necessary in response to a student death. The CSW will work with the deceased student's family/next of kin and the campus community in order to expedite all administrative affairs.


The CSW cannot discuss the details of a student's situation with others, including the referring party, without the consent of the student. In an event there is an urgent health or safety concern, (such as if an individual expresses being a danger to self or others, is gravely disabled, or if there is suspected child or elder abuse), the Campus Social Worker is mandated by the law and professional ethics to disclose the information to appropriate professional entities, in order to support the individual.

When it is in the best interest of the individual and with the person's consent, the Campus Social Worker shall promote collaboration among academic and administrative departments, the Campus Consultation Team, outside organizations and service delivery systems, to facilitate goal attainment. Such collaboration enhances organizational and systemic capacity to support students, staff and faculty and reduces inappropriateness, duplication, or fragmentation of services.


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