Mental Health Training Webinars For Faculty

On this page you will find a curated list of pre-recorded webinars available on demand on pertinent mental health topics for UCI and UCI Health faculty. Where possible, you are also provided with supplemental materials for each training. The trainings are organized into three areas: Student Mental Health, Faculty Mental Health, and Creating Healthy Environments. 

Together, the resources on this page allow you to navigate commonly requested training topics for faculty who are interested in gaining knowledge, skills, and understanding of key mental health issues & resources to enable them to better support their students, colleagues, co-workers and themselves. The trainings can be viewed in any order and do not require registration. 

Module 1: Student Mental Health

  • Managing Disruptive and Distressed Students

Description: Learn how to recognize and respond to distressed or distressing students. Topics include: An introduction to the UCI Consultation Team and how and when to consult them, tips and strategies for interacting with a distressed and/or disruptive student, when and how to notify appropriate staff and refer a student to the right resources, information on UCI resources and policies to support faculty, staff, and student leaders faced with a distressed student, disruptive student, or workplace violence.

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  • Integrating Well-Being Concepts into Learning Environments

Description: Whether you are teaching online or in a traditional classroom, student well-being is associated with learning and academic success. In this webinar created for faculty, learn how to incorporate well-being concepts into your classrooms and student activities. Learn how to support student success by being mindful of deadlines, helping students connect with you and each other, and introducing students to UCI wellness resources.

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  • Suicide Prevention Resources

Description: A brief 1 hour training for faculty, staff, and students called QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) Gatekeeper Training. This brief training will help individuals learn to recognize signs of crises in order to help reduce suicidal behaviors and save lives by providing innovative, practical, and proven suicide prevention training. Learn how to intervene and prevent suicide today by signing up for QPR trainings. 

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Module 2: Faculty Mental Health

  • Faculty Behavioral Health Benefits

Description: Learn about all of the resources available at UCI for faculty to address and get support for their mental health. An overview of on and off-campus resources will provide you with the information you need to better understand what options you have to connect to support for common mental health concerns.

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  • Recognizing & Responding to a Distressed Colleague

Description: Familiarize yourself with common signs of distress, increase understanding of when to refer and when to report a situation, and increase knowledge of resources for referral in an effort to better support fellow faculty who may be struggling with mental health concerns or emotional distress.

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Module 3: Creating Healthy Environments

  • Supporting Survivors of Violence

Description: Learn about what power-based violence is, what trauma is, and what trauma-informed practices look like in your role as faculty. Included in this training in as overview of your role as a Responsible Employee, and how to report in a trauma-informed way while support students, faculty and staff who have experience sexual harassment, sexual violence, interpersonal violence, and/or stalking.

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  • When a Student Discloses Trauma

Description: During the pandemic, students are experiencing higher levels of trauma. So how can we respond with compassion and effectiveness when a student discloses that they are experiencing trauma? This workshop will cover what trauma is, the different ways people respond to trauma, and evidence-based practices for responding to a student in crisis.

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  • Teaching Potentially Traumatic Topics

Description: When courses cover potentially traumatic subject matter, many faculty feel unsure about how to navigate a lecture or discussion effectively while avoiding retraumatizing students. This workshop will cover the definition and different types of trauma, how to design your course ahead of time, and facilitating lectures and discussions in class.

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For questions regarding the resources found on this page, please contact Dr. Shekarabi. For questions regarding student mental health or to consult regarding a student of concern, please contact the Counseling Center.